STL inventor keeping “Bombers” colder, longer

You’re in the beer section of your favorite store perusing the selections of six packs, 12 packs, cases of cans or bottles, artistic logos vying for your attention, screaming “try me.”  You move down aisle, a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of 12 oz offerings and then you see them.  At first glance they look like wine, but as you approach, you realize they’re beer.  They’re the Bombers.

Bombers have been breaking the rules for more than a century.  The oversized 650 / 750ml bottle appears to be for sharing, but they don’t come with rules or directions so you’re free to drink them alone.  But at 22 ounces, finishing a Bomber can take longer than a 12 ounce, creating a universal problem – how do you keep you Bomber cold enough, long enough?

This was exactly the thought that crossed Alexander Nicolazzi mind while sharing a Volume 3 from 4Hands Brewery with his brother. After realizing 650 ml and 750 mL drinks tend to warm to a undesired temperature before being totally consumed, Nicolazzi pondered for a solution. His first thought was to use a bucket of ice like you would for keeping champagne cold, that’s until the words Bomber Jacket slipped out his mouth, instantly becoming the solution.

12394198_546833982150121_478553449_n“Bomber Jacket keeps your 22-ounce craft beers cold down to the last sip! Our beer bomber koozies are crafted of the same high-quality neoprene used in wetsuits,” said Nicolazzi.   “Simply zip up your favorite beer bomber in one of our jackets before or after refrigerating for best results.”

Known now as The B-22™, this overgrown beer koozie is literally that, a jacket for your favorite bomber.  Designed to fit the standard 22 oz (650mL) beer bottle, Nicolazzi says his Bomber Jacket can reduces the rate your drink warms up in the sun by 50%, allowing for more refreshing finish.

And aside from keeping your bottles cold longer, they look pretty cool too. “Each Bomber Jacket features a vibrant designer print, finished off with our signature patch & zipper pull,” said Nicolazzi.


Now here’s the best part, purchasing a Bomber Jacket won’t bust your beer budget.  Retailing in at $14.99, you can order them online here and they can even handle custom orders.  “We can print basically anything on our Bomber Jackets. If your are looking to promote your winery, restaurant, microbrewery or event we got you covered,” said Nicolazzi.  “We can customize everything down to the patch and zipper pull with your logo or custom design. If interested contact”

Styles from left to right: The Lager, Bourbon Barrel, Hops
Styles from left to right: The Lager, Bourbon Barrel, Hops

Bomber Jackets can now be purchased locally at the Saint Louis Hop Shop on Cherokee, in South St. Louis.








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