See Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Nebula & a raccoon while drinking good beer

I have to admit, having a 13 year old son has opened my eyes to a genre of movies I didn’t really give a crap about.  I’m talking about Superhero movies, I’m talking all the comic book heroes I read as a kid coming to life in some kind of weird, overlapping, inter-studio, criss-crossing between Marvel and DC universe, that I have given up trying to understand.

Instead, I just go along for the ride. I nod a lot and agree with the amazing facts this kid knows about the movies, the characters and every single easter egg I missed.

One of my favorites is Guardians of the Galaxy, which featured Rhianna and a tree.  I was lost the whole time, but now thanks to Public House Brewing, I can get caught up just in time for the sequel.

They’re inviting everyone to a free showing of Guardians of the Galaxy again (or for the first time!) this Thursday, April 27 before the sequel comes out.

Enjoy popcorn, pretzels, our full restaurant menu and wood-fired pizza menu, along with craft beers, wine, hard cider and spiked hot drinks. No outside food or drink is allowed in The Gardens.

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