How I drank ‘Cinco de Mayo’ in college – The Beergarita

Not all Midwest boys can go to school in Arizona.  The combination of sunshine, cactus, mountains, beautiful women from both the East and West Coasts, college bars and keggers can be too much for some hailing from the Midcoast.

But not moi.  For me the University of Arizona was all that and I loved every friggin second of it.  And despite all those distractions, I did leave there with a few things I cherish, including some lifelong friends, a degree (believe it or not), a lifetime of memories and my love of tequila and beer.

And it’s those last two that would come together so wonderfully every May 5th.  Growing up in St. Louis in my underage days, Cinco de Mayo meant literally nothing to me.  But in Arizona, the date took on a whole new meaning, and thrust upon me one truly great drink combination – The Beergarita.

I made batches of them for my customers when I was a college bartender at Studebaker’s and Gilligans and now I think it’s time to bring it back.

The Beergarita may be the easiest cocktail you’ll ever make, but I assure you your guests will think you a mixologist extraordinaire.  I used to just make the margarita with Cuervo 1800 and just add beer, but I went out and found a recipe for you in case you want to be bit more precise.

In college we drank lighter Mexican beer’s like Corona, Pacifico or Tecate.  Go with one of those.


Makes about 4-6 servings

1 can/bottle of Mexican beer

1 can frozen limeade concentrate

¾ can tequila

¼ can triple sec

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