I truthfully know zip about tea, but that will change after taking Tea 101

Courtesy of the London Tea Room

I know a lot of stuff, but I also don’t know a lot of stuff.  One of the things I know zero about is tea, but that is about to change.

When I started Drink314, the goal was not to become just a “beer blog,” which is why I try to write about beer, wine, and spirits, three things I know.  But I also want to write about coffee, tea, and soda and really support all the local crafting in these areas that are going around in St. Louis.

So, that is why I’ve signed up for an upcoming  Tea 101 class and am inviting you to as well.  There are only 15 spots open, and I just grabbed one of them, so best be getting on it.

The class is being hosted by Jackie James, owner of the London Tea Room located in South St. Louis.

“I have been drinking tea since I was a child but it wasn’t until I became an adult that I discovered that tea wasn’t just about black tea in a teabag,” writes James.

For the past seven years, she has operated The London Tea Room, a business started by her parents, and through that, her love for tea has only grown.

“I have been teaching tea education classes for the past three years, and am currently working on receiving official certification as a tea sommelier with the World Tea Academy,” said James.

Did you know that all Tea comes from the same plant? Not literally the same plant, of course, but the same species of plant. Tea 101 will tell you how many types of tea – black, white, green, oolong, and pu-erh – are created.

We will be tasting several orthodox teas to compare and contrast the different tastes in each variety of tea. With each example, the sommelier will teach you how to steep it at home so you can brew the perfect cup of tea!

Additionally, there will be 10% off all tea and tea merchandise following the class.

Eventually, I will create a class pairing beers and tea, because that is what I know.  HA!

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