Today I got a real beer fridge, now I want one of these!

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Today I got a beer fridge.

I mean a real beer fridge.

Now, I begin a lifetime of simultaneously trying to empty it and then fill it back up again.  In other words, it’s heaven in my basement.

But then, just two hours after plugging my new toy in, I saw the below video, and now I want one of these too.

Picture Tree House Masters meets Man Caves in this summer’s newest home improvement series, Beer Shed Building with Ben & Toby. That is the idea at least. A show where two guys repurpose old sheds into backyard pubs.

The goal of this video is to land a show on HGTV or an equivalent venue. Because that is an incredibly difficult thing to do, I would love to see an interest in the show and to move it forward with, or without the help of a production company.

There is a huge interest in the beer shed trend, and a ton of cool beer sheds out there. It would be awesome to bring that trend to the masses in an entertaining way, or at least inspire people to refurbish their old sheds into something awesome.

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